Ryan’s Robot

Ryan is a young thrill seeker; a clever, yet depressed illusionist, who turns his dark thoughts into fuel that drives his desire to entertain. His stunts are death defying, and attract large crowds. But when his mother is pulled into a riptide and swallowed up by the ocean, the world becomes too dark for fancy tricks. The loss of his mother crushes him, forcing him to step out of the limelight.Ryan vanishes. He’s assumed dead, while Victor, his father, the world’s leading expert in artificial intelligence, forges on. After building an army of human-like robots for Wardlow Technologies, he creates an artificial son in the exact likeness of Ryan.RyN2 is a secret to the world. Creating replicas of humans is a no-no. But Victor has big plans for RyN2. Things look promising, until he’s struck by a van during an attempted kidnapping, leaving him in a coma.Meanwhile, Ryan exorcises his demons and returns. It doesn’t take the magician long to discover he’s been replaced by the android. The weight of the situation forces him to prove his self worth and enter the stage once again. Ryan proclaims he will pull off the biggest event in magic history…But in order for him to complete the act, he needs to reach far beyond the realm of magic. Ryan needs to make his doppelgänger disappear forever.